To Do List

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To Do List

To Do List

The best solution to carry out a huge amount of work properly and smoothly is to maintain a to-do list. The to-do list helps keep the tasks in order so that you don’t miss out any deadlines. Prioritizing the list of tasks that has to be done can be simply using the to-do list. The list allows planning the order in which the tasks will be done. All the tasks are kept under one place does not let you forget anything. This can help focus at one task at a time and thereby saves a lot of time and energy. The productivity will increase and you can be more worthy for the team.

1.Today’s Task

There are so many tools available today for creating a to-do list for your work. The to-do list can be arranged according to your priority. Each day’s work can be kept in today’s task list. This will help you focus on the every day’s important tasks and help you to be more productive each day. There are options that can be set as reminders for the daily tasks which have to be done that day. Prioritizing the daily work can help in the time management as well. You can be more focused on one task at a time which is increase the quality of work as well.


2.Today’s Event

There are millions of things that have to be taken care of each day. The to-do list helps you manage the day-to-day task in an effective way. There are many events that take place every day. Important meetings, conferences etc are some events that have to be attended by the employees. These can be put into a to-do list under today’s event head. This allows you to be prepared for the event in advance. Events can be arranged according to priority. With this option in the to-do list, you can never miss out from the event that is supposed to take place that day.


3.Today’s Call/  Email

The job of a sales rep is to make calls and send emails to the prospects. Going after wrong prospects can lead to waste of time and effort. Prioritizing the prospects according to the worth can help you make right calls to right people at right time. When you have the aim of generating revenues for the organization then it is important to create a to-do list of task of calling or sending email to existing or new customers. Keeping the list of contacts who have to be contacted the very day in today’s call or email field can help you a lot.


4.Calendar View of Activity

There is an option available in the automated to-do list named as activity calendar view. This allows you to see the activities in a calendar format. Every new activity on each day can be easily viewed in the calendar view. The activities can also be edited in this option. Important events in the full calendar view can be highlighted so that you can  track any activities. The calendar view of the activities can also be customized according to your own preferences using the custom dialog box. Along with opening the calendar view, you can see the activities by date also.


5.Date wise To do List

To-do list is very important for all the employees of an organization. Members can complete the task for a particular day by viewing them on the to-do list. To-do list allows you to view the important task to be completed within the deadline. You can make a to-do list for arranging activities based on dates. The entire list of activities for the particular date can be viewed in the date wise to-do list. You can also add tasks, edit them and delete them using the application in to-do list. This helps reduce the stress by arranging the task according to the priority. You can make strategies to complete which task in what way.