Contact Management

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Contact Management

Contact Management

The contact management works wonders for businesses especially the small ones. The contact management provides great tool to organize and manage the contacts of the organization. It offers several benefits to the business including the option to have all the contacts at one place. The centralized address book allows all the details of contacts as well as all interactions at one place to view. This can enable you to track all the transactions and stay ahead in all the tasks and deals. The contact management also gives you the feature of searching what you want quickly and intelligently. You can now work with the team, share things and communicate using various advance applications.

1.Lead Contact

Leads are the individuals who might or not offer you a sales opportunity. The leads are the first stage of any sales process and are generated through various sources. The leads generated online or through other sources are valuable as they might convert into potential opportunities. The leads that qualify must be stored at one place so that follow up can be done fast. Contact management allows you to keep the lead contacts at one place. You can add few notes, comments etc. regarding them after contacting using the tools in contact management. These notes and comments can be searched later and can be public or private according to your requirement.

2.Prospect Contact

The prospects are individuals that have agreed to go to the next level of sales process. The prospects can be probable opportunities if they are followed up well by the sales representatives. The valuable information about the prospects must be kept at one place centralized. A sheet containing bulk information allows you to send emails at mass level. Prospect contact can be searched at a very fast pace using the intelligent search method in contact management. You can add custom filters which can allow you to see or edit or share required information. You can organize the contact information in any way you like using the feature of tags.

3.Account Contact

If the contacts are not stored under right group then there is a major possibility that the sales rep can contact wrong contacts. The contact management allows the benefit of keeping the valuable accounts at one place. The sales reps can now focus on contacting the worthy accounts instead of wrong leads. The details of the customers both new and existing can be managed here. There are pre-defined fields which can record the information. Contacts can be viewed as well as edited and shared using contact management. The notes and comments can be added and searched which can help serve the customers better.

4.Address Book

All the contacts of the leads, prospects and accounts of customers can be kept in one centralized location called address book. There are provisions of having automated address book today using the contact management software. A lot of stress of maintaining the address book can be reduced using an automated address book. Contacts can be added automatically in the books as they are created. The emails and other interactions between the customer and the sales reps are also saved automatically. This can help you track down every activity of employees in the organization. follow up items and email notification can be received when any update takes place.