Activity Management

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Activity Management

Activity Management

Activity management is a very vital part of Customer Relationship Management or CRM. The activities undertaken by the members of an organization is managed with the help of activity management. The process of recording all the tasks performed by the employees of any company in a day is what the activity management is all about. The data saved during any activity is very important and it should be available for important members to access. The sales representative works on getting a positive response from a potential customer. The manager tracks all the activities performed by the sales rep in a certain period of time.


The members of the organization perform different task related to the leads, prospects and accounts. Treating each one can be different from another by the different member. All the activities are recorded in the activity management system. Leads are name of person or company which you have in your hands. They are to be contacted to find out if they are valuable or not. Leads can be disqualified if they don’t create value. The prospects are the challenges members face for the person who can be valuable. The follow ups are tasks they perform to make the prospects opportunities. Leads are converted to accounts for tracking all the interactions.


There are leads, prospects and accounts in an organization. The activities that the members or sales representatives perform are to contact them create valuable opportunities for the business. Leads are generated from different source and have to be contacted to find whether they are valuable or not. The leads must be contacted immediately as they are generated. They can be contacted by sending emails or over phone calls. There is an average response time which the member has to wait before contacting again. The valuable contacts must be converted to respective accounts. The leads sometimes require nurturing to make them valuable. The prospects must be communicated till they become opportunities. 


Activities play a very vital role in day-to-day operations of business. Event is an activity happening at one point of time and place. The daily operation for a business in CRM involves contacting leads, qualifying them as valuable and converting them as account. The prospects are followed up to give them what they want to make them potential opportunities. Opportunities are finally convinced to close the deal and place the order. The every activity every day is an event. The event has to be recorded so that members of the organization can track the every transaction. There are event management tool to manage event records, dashboards and charts.

4.Activity Priority

With activity management the members can create activities for documenting the interaction with customers and trace the response of campaigns etc. Priority must be given to activities that can results in profitable gains. Making a quality follow up to qualified leads is the priority task for the sales rep. When the sales rep is closing a business with a valuable customer should be the priority activity instead of talking to unknown and new leads. Which leads should be contacted and nurtured, when the time to call the lead is or prospects etc. are part of prioritizing the activities in a business process.

5.Missed Activity

Missed activity means the date of the activity has gone and nothing has been done by the members. Many times the sales reps miss the activities or tasks or events if they are not properly documented. It is advisable to create a report of all activities, task and events so that it is easy to review them. They can be categorized under different headings past, present and future or so, which can allow the sales representatives to get back to the leads and prospects when they are required to instead of missing the task. Having a count of the each heading can help the sales manager to look at the individual activities of sales team.

6.Due Activity

Due activity means the date of the activity has gone but actions are yet to be taken. When the each activity is properly reported and maintained, there is a less chance of the task to be delayed. But many employees miss to document the tasks and activities and as a result the date to follow up or close a business gets delayed. The best option to avoid this is to keep a well managed database of tasks which can be accesses by the manager. Keeping the data under separate headings allow the sales representatives to look at each activity and complete them immediately.

7.Close Success

A business operation is a long process which starts with the generation of leads and ends at closing the business. One process can be successful when the order is placed for the product and services the organization is providing. The leads are generated by various sources and needs to be contacted to find their value. When the leads provide positive response they are nurtured to be prospects. Prospects are further convinced to turn into opportunities. The potential opportunities are then followed up to turn into customers. The business process closes with the placing of order. Each activity when successfully closed results in profits for the company.

8.Close Postpone

Not all contacts ends up to closure of a business process, but many do. The leads that are contacted are prospects if they give some positive response. The prospects are called and few qualify to the next step. Opportunities are given proposals which when accepted, orders are placed and deal is closed. Many times due to some issues the closing gets postponed or delayed. You can customize the way of your approach to give priority to the customers. This can reduce the chances of delay or postponing of closure of the activities. Offer when looked upon as bright opportunity, then there is no chance of postponing.

9.Close Follow up        

Follow-up is one of the best ways to succeed in sales. It is correct that to take any sales process to closing requires effective following-up, but even after a deal is over, follow-up can be done. It is important to keep relationship with the existing customers than running behind future ones. To keep the present customers with you, you need to do a follow up regarding new proposals. Follow-up means sending emails to the customers in between reminding them about you and your products and services. With automated CRM systems, you can always send targeted market with follow up interactions that are automatic.