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Analyzing the situation of the business can help you to take better decisions. This is possible by creating reports. Reports can be generated by applying some well defined theories. The reports created can help the business grow. Any situation or problem can be solved using the reports created. Reporting is a process of creating something by applying management theories in real life situation. By providing some suggestions and recommendations, reporting helps in deciding the future course of action. Using information technology, the reporting can be possible automatically. It is one very important part of a process of improving the business intelligence.

1.Lead Report

Leads are the first stage to any sales process. Hence it is very important to know the status of the leads at every step. This can be possible by generating lead reports. The lead goes through the process of sales living in various status of being new to qualified. Lead reports allow the marketers to find the time every lead takes to be in each status. The reports provide you various information including the date on which the lead was generated and the date when it was modified. Name, year of foundation, location, email details, etc. can be attached with the report.

2.Prospect Report

Reports have a much more importance for the business that includes providing the status update of the marketing process. Prospects are people or companies who have shown interest in your business and have agreed to move up in the sales procedure. Prospect report is a report which the employees can create that shows the status of the prospects in the process of sales. There are three prospect reports that can be created like prospect list report, prospect activity report and excluded prospect list report. The prospect report shows the list of prospects available, which prospects have been newly added, activities within a specific frame of time etc.

3.Account Report

Accounts are the contact details of customers or potential customers that have been assigned to a particular user. It is possible that at one time several numbers of accounts can be assigned to the user. The account report thus can be created do find the status of the every account present with the users. The number of accounts that have responded to the marketing campaign and who have not can be found using this report. The report not only shows the number but actually the contact lists of the accounts. Using certain filters it is possible to view different contacts of the accounts in different activity.

4.Activity Report

The activity reports or the email activity reports help to gather information on various tasks regarding the sales policies. The information on open activities, completed activities, pending requests or multi-person events can be collected using this activity report. The data that is saved or added in the platform of customer relationship management forms the base for any activity report. The activity report also allows you to view the information according to the required date and activity. This can be done by selecting the options or adding filters to the reports. Customized reports can be created as well by this format of setting filters for the reports.

5.Opportunity Report

Opportunities are the accounts who have qualified to move ahead in the sales process. Opportunity reports give us all the information including the opportunities, accounts, owners, stages etc. You can get the customized report about opportunities by setting the filters in report templates. The opportunity with contact roles report is one such customized report that shows the information about contacts related to the opportunities like name, role, title etc. The opportunity with contact roles and product report is another such report which allows you to see the contacts related to the opportunities of one product. Standard opportunity reports create reports on opportunity history, pipeline, sources and types.

6.User Report

Users are assigned various accounts which they have to handle to take them to win. It is essential to know the activities and performance of the users. The user report helps to provide the status of users on the accounts they are handling. One can create the customized report types which allow them to build reports from the scratch according to the needs of the organization. The number of accounts the user have as the part of their ownership, the number of calls they have made, the updates of the status of the accounts, the accounts who have shown interest in the campaigns, the accounts which have gone to closing phase etc. can be found in this report.

7.Business in Pipeline

The prospects that are actively followed by the sales representatives are said to be in the pipeline. The pipeline report provides all the information regarding these prospects that are handled by sales people. The total number of prospects that the sales rep is taking care of at one time can be found in this report. The phase in which the prospects are in the sales process can also be understood from this report. This report has a many advantages including tracking the activities of salesperson. The one major advantage of this report is that forecasting on the time the prospects will move to next stage or whether they will leave can be done.