Prospect Management

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Prospect Management

Prospect Management

Contacts that become customers or are already existing customers who want to take part in the deals again are the prospects. The best prospects are the people with most wealth. The prospect management is the planning, documentation and accounting in a relationship between the organization and their prospects.  The prospect management ultimately results in closing in another deal. All parties get benefited from the system including the buyers, sellers, organizations and prospects. The prospect management starts with collection of data of the prospects and group them based on certain criteria and assign them to managers. Managers manage the prospects in a database and send them through the necessary processes to finally close the deal.

1.Prospect Source

Good prospects can be available from different kinds of sources. There are two basic steps to indentifying the potential prospects, one is to finding all sources where prospects might be present and second is to qualify the leads to find the potential prospects. You can get leads from various sources including websites, media and references. References can be of various types like present customers, who can provide names of possible prospects. The non prospects can also offer you names of mutual acquaintances that can be potential prospects. Other salespersons that are not in the competition as well as juniors in your organization can also provide leads.

2.Prospect Contact

The leads obtained for the prospects that match the specific criteria are placed in prospect contact. The managers must use the contact to make a follow up when required. To maintain relationship and grow business or raise fundraising, who are to be contacted is important. The contacts that meet the defined criteria are automatically added to the list of prospects. The criteria can be pre-defined or customized according to the company’s rule. The list can be viewed the top prospects on the CRM dashboard. Information about the prospects like contact details, interaction details etc. can be viewed as well as managed here.

3.Prospect Lead

The leads are the top of any communication in any kind of sales or fundraising process. The individual who has the contact information providing you with future opportunity is a lead. Prospect can be qualified individual who can be contacted for interaction. It is very difficult to keep a track of all the leads in the database with increasing number every day. There are many leads with no activities or open activities. Such leads have to take some action at some period of time. These can be filtered to find out the number of lead with and without activities in the database.

4.Prospect Target

Organization can gain a lot only when the ideal prospects can be targeted well. The quality of data has a great impact on the way the prospects are targeted. Data is very important for the organization’s success as healthy relationship is possible through accurate data. Based on specified criteria, list of people can be found who can be probable to buy or send gifts are considered highly targeted. The right people are identified and the way they can be contacted must be found out. Expanding the market is possible by finding new target list created based on industries, locations and segments.

5.Import Prospect

The prospects are stored in different files which can get lost through cracks. The only way to save the valuable information is to import them to the database of prospect management system. The importing of excel files of prospects is possible through simple steps. The size of the file to be imported must be under certain limit. The first row of the excel file is for the field headings and it can be ignored while the file is imported. The mapping of fields is important and when mapping is done, the data is overwritten or added to current value according to prospect field settings.

6.Assign Prospect

There is lot of issues while the each file is assigned to respective user. Hence the system allows automatic assignment of prospects to managers while importing. There is an assignment logic set by the company or source of the software. The record is assigned to the user according to this assignment logic. This saves time and effort of manually assignment each file to the owner. There are assignment actions which allow the prospects to be assigned to some user or user in a group who meet certain requirements. Prospects can also be assigned to some queue if required when specific requirements are matched.

7.Prospect Address

It is important to focus on only valuable or top prospects with the aim of getting more businesses. Evaluating the portfolios can give you the high rated prospects which can be contacted. Prospects can be contacted with some contact information. Finding the contact address of the prospects can be very important and at the same time very difficult. There are number of ways in which it is possible to get the details. Many search engines like Google can help you get you the email address of the prospects as well. Finding the email address from different social media sites is also possible.

8.Prospect Industry

The policies and procedures for the prospect management are same for all industry. The policies states the way the prospects are managed and how are they assigned to the managers. The way the new businesses are expected along with kind of businesses to be expected and the time limits expected are all part of the policies of prospect management. The development staff must agree with the policies.  The procedures include the way the policy of the organization in the system. The prospect management is now commonly used in all nonprofit organization for fundraising work. It does not work smoothly at first but with time benefits can be seen.

9.Convert to Prospect

You can have lot of leads and prospects but losing the opportunities can be possible. Hence instead of finding the additional leads and prospects, make sure the strategies must be followed to convert the prospects after order has been placed. Making a quick follow up through email or phone call is the best way to convert the prospects. Prospects can be reminded again about the company and the services. Asking questions can also be one way of conversion after order has been placed. If a deadline has been set and you don’t hear from them then communicate with some questions to remind them about you.