Document Management

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Document Management

Document Management

Document management is all about storing, managing and tracking various documents by using the computer based programs in an efficient manner. An effective document management system helps companies and organizations to save a lot of costs. The concept of Document management also enables people to track various amendments and modifications in the documents through document versioning. This system allows people to store various important documents on their systems in the form of files and images in their central repositories. A successful document management system saves a lot of time as well because users can easily track their required files with the help of some simple clicks of mouse.  

1.Lead Document

Lead document management is really a very important task. Lead documents are such documents which contain the details of the prospective customers of products or services. By using CRM360 people will be able to record and manage various lead documents very easily and conveniently. This system will enable people to upload various lead documents without any hassles. Implementation of such kind of system will also help people to track and access various lead related information at a later point of time as per their requirement. Such kind of lead document management comes with the potential of higher rate of lead conversions into real opportunities.

2.Prospect document

Prospects are the potential customers and they are the integral part of the first step of all of the sales and marketing processes. The documents pertaining to such people are known as prospect documents. People will be able to use CRM360 to upload all prospect documents and manage the relationships in a better and efficient manner. An effective CRM system for managing the prospect documents helps people to reap more profit in their business. This type of advanced CRM system will also help people to categorize the customer types and at the same time they will be able to gauge their probable requirements as well.

3. Account Document

Every client is different and each one of them has different types of requirements. Every client is unique but one thing which remains constant for all of the clients is that they are really very important for the business. Account of each client needs to be maintained very systematically. By using CRM360 you will be able to create and maintain various client account related documents.  The account document management module also helps people to prepare various sales orders, purchase orders, invoices etc.. People will be able to maintain various portfolios to maintain better customer relationships and accurate company’s book of accounts.   

4. Personal Document

The documents which contain all sorts of personal information can be stored within CRM360 conveniently and confidentially. Personal documents can be anything like resume, photographs, letters, academic certificates, official documents etc. There is a separate section where people with proper rights can access and upload the scanned copies of personal documents. The personal document section of an employee can be accessed by that particular employee only because system does not allow any unauthorized person to access someone else’s personal document. The section will need a password to login. The CRM360 can also be used for creating some of the personal documents very easily.

5. Company Document

There can be different types of company documents. Some documents are confidential, some are secret, some are official and some are public. The documents need to be classified as per the nature of the documents. To maintain the confidentiality of the required documents it is absolutely necessary to have an access control list in place. Client documents are confidential in nature, whereas standard operating procedures are official in nature. The internal communications need to be treated as secret but the press statements are public. CRM360 allows people to maintain the access control list efficiently and prevent all sorts of unauthorized accesses.