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Dashboard in the management information system is an interface that allows you to view the current status of the important aspects of the organization. The dashboard offers information in such a way, a single page report that it becomes easy to view and read. The dashboards allow you to track every movement in the sales process. As the information is in graphical format or visual format it becomes easy to understand. Managers can use the dashboards to measure the performances, abilities and inabilities of members. Decisions can be made based on the collection of information from dashboards. One can save time in reading dashboards than going through multiple reports.

1.Lead Target

Dashboards can be used to manage leads and create reports in a platform of sales management. The target leads are collected from various sources both online and manual. The criterion to organize the leads till opportunity and finally closing the deal is done, is the buying cycle. Using the dashboard one can track the movement of the leads in the pipeline. Leads can be scored based on certain criteria. The dashboard can do so along with observing the performance of the sales team. The lead management dashboards are easy to set up and use. One can customize the interface according to the requirement of the organization.

2.Prospect Target

The marketing campaigns can allow the right targeting of prospects. Targeting prospects means approaching the right people at the right time. Using the prospecting tools, you can realize what the customers want. This can allow the marketer to follow up the valuable prospects and reach the purchasing phase. Using the dashboards you can view the details of the prospects assigned to the users. The way to approach the prospects can help increase sales and thereby generate revenues for the organization. The conversion of the prospects to opportunity and finally to win can be viewed in graphical representation in the dashboards.

3.Account Target

Targeted accounts can only provide options to create revenue. The daily sales activity revolves around the target accounts only with the aim to get profits. Accounts can be targeted using the marketing campaigns only. The sales activity includes the process of planning, forecasting, managing, allocating targets etc. The dashboard for account provides solutions to obtain the goals of daily sales activities. One can see the accounts assigned to users and the targeted ones. The reports on the sales targets, history of sales, reports of entire sales activities etc. can be seen in the dashboards of account. One can save time by reading the dashboards than other reports.

4.Business In Pipeline

The performance of the sales as well as the status of the pipeline can be viewed better with the help of dashboard. The status of the sales funnel can be found out using the dashboards. You can find the answers to the questions like are the prospects moving up in the pipeline or when is the deal going to be closed, etc. The health of the pipeline of opportunity at a particular point of time can be checked on the dashboard. You can see the history of the sales pipeline which can give the information about the movement in opportunity stage.

5.Activity Overview

Activity elements can be created on the activity overview. The activity dashboard is a collection of tools which can bring changes in the sales and marketing industry. You can view the prospects easily in a graphical representation. Using the dashboard, it is possible to view the interest as well as behavior of the prospects. The stages of the prospects in the buying cycle can be viewed in the dashboard. This can help you get a visual of the own leads and marketing campaigns. The activity reports can give you complete view of each lead and allows the sales people to find helpful follow-up.

6.To do List

To do list is a list of work which every employee have in the organization. The to-do list allows the members of the organization to maintain the work properly. Using the to-do list the tasks can be arranged in an order of priority. This allows the employees to never miss any task or deadline. Managing tasks can now be much more convenient with dashboard. Viewing tasks, events and activities in a date-wise manner or each day’s manner can be possible using dashboard. This allows the productivity to increase and make the member more valuable for the organization as a whole.