Free CRM for Small Business

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Free CRM for Small Business

Free CRM for Small Business

Customers are important for any kind of business whether big or small. Proper interaction with customers results in better relationship with them. This increases the profit levels for any company. Customer Relationship Management is the strategy and technology that can help manage all the customer relations. Small businesses face a lot of pressure when they start up. Hence for the small and medium businesses, free CRM are available.

Kinds of Free CRM

These come in two categories, one is the freemium and the other is open source.

  • Freemium

The freemium version is free but limited version of CRM. It has a restriction on the quantity of contacts, free users, storage and other features. 

  • Open source

The open source allows the company the completely functional CRM in an unlimited version. The open source version requires a team or individual to install and configure CRM. This makes the CRM customizable for the company. Some CRM companies offer installation or preconfigured version to the business at a small price.

Features of Free CRM

  • Managing leads

The CRM can be used to manage the leads and contact along with the information about vendors, suppliers, partners and organizations. All details like background, projects, email history etc. can be viewed easily here.

  • Unlimited users

If the free CRM is an open source the number of users using the CRM can be unlimited.

  • Customizable database

The data of the customers and prospects can be lost in stored in spreadsheets, memory or notepads. The free CRM allows the company to store all the information in one flexible, sharable and searchable database.

  • Faster access of database

The CRM allows the company to save time and effort to enter information of new customers or prospects or search for the information. By simple use of the CRM, now database can be accessed very easily.

  • Tracking the interaction

With the use of CRM, now all the interaction between the company and the prospects and customers can be tracked.

  • Easy upgrade

When the business grows, the CRM systems can be upgraded. The upgraded system comes with a price with some additional features.

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