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Why CRM360

CRM or Customer Relation Management is a term used to refer to all the technologies and strategies used by organizations to understand the customer data to perk up the relationship with the customers. The 360 degree customer view is what all companies look forward to but feel it impossible to attain. With new technologies and methods, it is quite possible to get the 360 customer view in CRM.

How to create 360 degree view in CRM?

Organizations have been using technologies available widely today from mobile phones to social media platforms, from online communities to video customer care support. These are the points where customers interact and allow you to obtain the data. Some tools used to get the 360 customer view are:

  • Social media listening
  • This is one common tool used today by many companies for gathering customer data. Everybody today express their views and ideas over social media like Facebook, Twitter etc. Using this tool the data on what the customer are saying can be collected easily.

  • Predictive analytics tool
  • This tool is used to determine what the customer shall do in future. The prediction of what the customers will research or buy the next time can be done using these tools.

  • Customer relationship management software
  • Every company has different requirements and goals in terms of making their CRM better. The software can be designed to help organizations to make their CRM better than before.

Reasons to choose CRM 360

  • Enhanced Sales and Marketing

  • Using CRM software can help the sales and marketing team to work effectively. The tool can help the team to look after the work in the pipeline and track the process of lead to sales. Any member of the team can now easily interact with each other and share and review their information. Product detail and contact details can be shared over the software. The data is used by the manager to monitor the activities of the team of the sales and thereby analyze the performance of the employees.

  • Better Customer Service

  • The CRM software can help to track, audit and understand various customer related information including the customer complains. The software allows the customer service representatives to access large number of information at one place. The personal details, contact information, products, pricing etc. are available to the representatives. The needs of the customer can be understood using the CRM.

  • Integration of Departments

  • Customers have the problem of having to talk to different department for their problems or needs. Calling the sales department once and then to shipping department once can be stressful for them. Using the CRM software removes the chances of letting the customers on hold while talking to the different departments. The customer’s process can be smooth using the CRM. This enhances the performances of the organization.

CRM 360 is very appealing and provides one point for customers. It not only allows the customers to view the products and services at one place but also allows the customers to present their issues and complains in one interaction only. Thus companies must consider CRM 360 for their better performance.


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